Tesla Electric Power

By Andrew Dunning

Solar energy – we all agree it’s a good thing, but generally the panels are so ugly. If you have a beautiful home and want to add solar panels the option has until recently been very limited. Too many beautiful homes have been ruined by the additional of ugly black rectangular

It’s time to start planning your 2017 interior

By Andrew Dunning

So you told yourself over Christmas that 2017 is the year you will finally get that new kitchen, redo the bathroom, rid yourself of the previous owners decor and finally make your house our own. But where to start? It can be very confusing deciding which room to redecorate, how t

How to Add a Hood to a T-shirt Pattern

By Julie Finn

When you’re sewing a T-shirt, adding a hood is one of the easier modifications to the pattern that you can make. It’s a modification that also looks a lot harder to do than it is, so get ready to impress all of your friends with your mad sewing skills!

To make a hooded T-shirt, you

14 Ways to Reuse Old Jeans

By Becky Striepe

There are so many ways to reuse old jeans! Grab some scissors, pull out the sewing machine, and let’s do some upcycling.

Here in Atlanta, the weather has been weirdly spring-like, and it’s got spring cleaning on my mind a little bit early this year. Last week, my husband cleaned

Pattern Drafting: How to Draft a Curve

By Julie Finn

Enlarging an existing pattern by a fraction of an inch is a pretty common thing to have to do. Sometimes a pattern won’t have the seam allowance that you want, but usually you need to do it when you’re copying an existing article of clothing.

For instance, to make my daughter’s Juni