21 Eco-Friendly Easter Crafts

By | March 20, 2017

By Julie Finn

Eco-Friendly Easter Crafts

Y’all, do not freak out that I’m not showing you any cute ways to decorate Easter eggs in this post. Eco-friendly Easter eggs are a Big Deal to me, and they’re going to get their own series of posts later.

In the meantime, here are all the eco-friendly non-Easter egg ways to decorate your home for Easter!

1. bunny blocks. Scrap blocks and paint and bunnies!

2. bunny luminaries. Upcycle old jars into these sweet Easter luminaries.

3. button Easter egg. I LOVE the way that you can use such a variety of buttons in this project.

4. doily Easter eggs. Do you have doilies leftover from your handmade Valentine crafting? Turn them into Easter eggs!

5. Easter baskets. These are all DIY and eco-friendly.

6. Easter bunny board art. Use a nice, flat scrap board here. A pallet board would work well, if you sealed it afterwards.

Easter Bunny Candy Holder from a Toilet Paper Roll7. Easter bunny candy holder. Yep, it’s a toilet paper tube again.

8. Easter egg Mason jars. This is the coolest thing ever–decorate Mason jars like Easter eggs!

9. egg dye paint. They work like watercolors, and are a lot of fun for kids.

10. embroidery hoop Easter eggs. Wondering what those oblong embroidery hoops are even for? This!

11. felt Easter eggs. Use wool felt for a natural craft and Eco-fi felt for an upcycled craft. Add any embellishments that you have on hand.

12. glass jar bunny vase. Put your Easter bouquet in this decorative–and upcycled!–vase.

13. paint-filled eggs. Do your kids love messy crafts? Because mine do!

14. pine cone bunny. Still have pine cones leftover from your fall nature collecting? Turn them into these cute bunnies.

15. potato Easter egg stamps. You can carve stripes or polka dots, apply different colors of paint, and stamp your eggs already decorated.

16. reclaimed wood Easter bunny. This project works best with wood of identical thickness, so scavenge for leftover boards that were all intended for the same project.

17. scrap wood bunny. Use any piece of scrap wood, and whatever stash wire you can scrounge, to make these cute bunnies.

18. toilet paper tube Easter stamps. You can make a bunny or Easter eggs.

19. treats. Try letting the Easter bunny bring these healthier treats this year.

20. wood slice bunny. Although you’ll have to saw tree branches to get the slices, otherwise this is an easy project for a non-woodworker.

21. wreath. It’s made from all upcycled materials!

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