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Tesla Electric Power

By Andrew Dunning Solar energy – we all agree it’s a good thing, but generally the panels are so ugly. If you have a beautiful home and want to add solar panels the option has until recently been very limited. Too many beautiful homes have been ruined by the additional of ugly black rectangular panels… Read More »

It’s time to start planning your 2017 interior

By Andrew Dunning So you told yourself over Christmas that 2017 is the year you will finally get that new kitchen, redo the bathroom, rid yourself of the previous owners decor and finally make your house our own. But where to start? It can be very confusing deciding which room to redecorate, how to prioritise… Read More »

3 DIY Vodka Cleaning Recipes

By Becky Striepe A little for the counters, a little for the person cleaning the counters. Vodka combines some of the best properties from many other green cleaning pantry staples. Try these simple vodka cleaning recipes. Like vinegar, vodka is excellent at disinfecting, but it also fights odors like baking soda and acts as a… Read More »

21 Things to Make with Rocks!

By Julie Finn While my kids were at camp last week, I repainted their bedroom, which meant that I had to clean it out first. This turned into some kind of abject archaeological excavation in which I discovered that 1) the kids never throw away their candy wrappers and I need to stop letting them… Read More »

We’re Moving!

By Rose H. We have a special announcement for our readers this week…. For some time, we’ve been considering separating the topics that this blog covers, and starting a new blog specifically related to green and sustainable living, and we’re proud to announce that it’s finally LIVE! This new site will bring you up-to-date news,… Read More »

3 Tips for Choosing and Installing Energy-Efficient Doors

By Rose H. Selecting and installing an energy efficient door can help you reduce your electric bill, as well as keep your rooms at a more comfortable temperature without having to turn on the AC or the heater. Some door improvements cost a lot of money. For example, if you decided to completely replace your… Read More »