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9 Ways to Reuse Cardboard Food Containers

By Becky Striepe

Raid your recycle bin, because there are lots of cool ways to reuse cardboard food containers!

Even if you cook most of your family’s meals from scratch, chances are you end up with cardboard food containers. Maybe you cracked open a box of crackers for a party or really wanted c

21 Eco-Friendly Easter Crafts

By Julie Finn

Y’all, do not freak out that I’m not showing you any cute ways to decorate Easter eggs in this post. Eco-friendly Easter eggs are a Big Deal to me, and they’re going to get their own series of posts later.

In the meantime, here are all the eco-friendly non-Easter egg ways to decorat

17 Nature Crafts for Spring

By Julie Finn

Spring is my favorite season to decorate for, because I am just so darn happy that it’s finally here!

Don’t head to the store for a bunch of stuff to help your house look more spring-like, because nature is on your side. Check out the list below of my favorite nature crafts for spri

17 Ways to Reuse a Burlap Sack

By Becky Striepe

There are so many fun ways to reuse a burlap sack! Try out some of these creative burlap craft ideas.

If you’re a crafter who loves to reuse, chances are you’ve never thrown away a burlap sack, if you were lucky enough to score one. Maybe you have a coffee bag or two taking up sp

Tips for Storm Water Control

By Site Editor Effective management of storm water is crucial when it comes to preventing contaminants from polluting local rivers, lakes and streams. In addition, if you operate a business, it is highly likely that you are covered by a storm water discharge …

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