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This Guy Got Stoned… And Then Went To Gym. Here’s How It Worked Out

By By Sam Smith [Ed. note: We do not condone or advocate working out or exercising while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.] At the risk of stating the obvious, marijuana is a fun drug. It’s like alcohol—in the right circumstances, it can make mundane things interesting. It makes interesting things even more interesting.… Read More »

The 10 Worst Things That Could Happen to Your Penis

By Hasan Variawa Invaginated. That’s the technical term doctors use to describe your penis being turned inside-out . . . er, outside-in. And yes, it could happen to you. Also known as “trapped penis,” invagination is usually the result of some kind of forceful impact on your rod. Basically, your penis is smashed straight back… Read More »

The 6 Real Reasons You Overeat

By Men’s Health Let’s get the obvious reason you overeat out of the way: Food tastes really good. And some of it tastes really, really good. The truth, though, is that everyone likes food, yet some people struggle to find their stopping point more than others. We asked Men’s Health Nutrition Adviser Michael Roussell, Ph.D.,… Read More »

Exclusive Men’s Health Meal Plan

By admin Sometimes it might feel like you are fighting a losing battle in your attempts to lose weight and get fit. Just when you think you’ve got all the information on the diet that is actually going to work for you, new research comes out to dispel it. Related: How To Eat Your Way… Read More »

Did You Know There’s A Morning-After Pill For HIV?

By Hasan Variawa These pills could prevent you from being infected with HIV after you’ve slept with an HIV+ person By Hasan Variawa Nobody plans to be exposed to HIV. But it can happen to you, whether it’s through an accident involving blood on the sports field, a needlestick injury or unprotected sex. Here’s what… Read More »

Smash Fat Faster

By Lou Schuler Not long ago I found myself in a situation you can probably identify with. My family and I were on a weekend trip with another family and for breakfast I made myself a four-egg omelette. I threw together a bowl of fruit as an extra and then sat down to eat as… Read More »

Six Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Sugar

By Kirsten Macnab News flash: We’re all dipped in honey and rolled in sprinkles. The average person shovels in 300 calories from added sugar every day, according to a report from the University of North Carolina. “Not only are we getting added sugar from obvious places like cakes, sweets, and soft drinks, but it’s also… Read More »

22 Easy and Creative Rock Drawing Techniques

By Julie Finn Rock drawing is a thing right now, y’all. If you can walk through your town without kicking a painted rock, then you’re probably just not very observant. On a recent trip to downtown Newport, Kentucky, my Girl Scout troop found two painted rocks. My older kid found one each in two different… Read More »