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The Super-Rich Reveal “The Best Buck I Ever Spent”

By Eric Spitznagel Sure, you could always be saving more money. But in the end, we’re not going to remember the cash we hid away, but the things we bought, and the experiences they gave us. Spending can be a positive, life-affirming thing, as long as you’re being smart about it. But here’s the big… Read More »

10 Ways You Can Use 5kg Dumbbells To Transform Your Physique

By Trevor Thieme The last time you touched 5 kilogram dumbbells was probably while searching for shoes under your wife’s side of the bed. After all, light weights are for women and injury rehab, right? Serena says: “Wrong, dumbass!” Working both ends of the dumbbell rack hits a broader spectrum of muscle fibres and challenges… Read More »

The Secret To Losing Weight Might Be In Your Poop

By Tanya Basu You work out regularly. You eat well. But you can’t seem to lose any stubborn fat. What’s going on? Well, research published in the International Journal of Obesity suggests that it’s not as simple as getting your daily serving of fibre in the form of fruits and vegetables. In fact, researchers suggest,… Read More »

35 Ways to Reuse Empty Wine Bottles

By Julie Finn The best part of reusing empty wine bottles is that you won’t have that big bin of them sitting out on your curb for all of your neighbors to look at on Recycling Day. Also, wine bottles are made of EXCELLENT glass, nice and sturdy and lovely. There are tons of ways… Read More »

5 Micro Multi-Tools Every Armchair Adventurer Needs

By Thaaqib Daniels “Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.”- Thomas Carlyle According to some research by some analysts who don’t get out much, you only use 5% of the functions of your multi-tool. Ever. Or something like that. Apparently we’re wasting our money on buying a… Read More »

Cameron van der Burgh’s Top 5 Grooming Tips

By Men’s Health The general man’s man and Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Cameron van der Burgh, knows what it takes to look and feel good. The Head & Shoulders ambassador is also known to lead a life uninhibited and filled with natural confidence. “Whether I’m competing with the world watching, training in the pool or… Read More »