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11 Creative Filing Cabinet Makeovers

By Becky Striepe

Got an old filing cabinet gathering dust in the garage? We’ve got a bunch of fun ideas for filing cabinet makeovers!

Whether you’re trying to go paperless or just make that dusty old cabinet match your current decor, that old filing cabinet is still super useful. With a little bi

Crafty Book Review: The Art and Craft of Wood

By Julie Finn

Sooo…. backyard lumberjacking is a thing.

I don’t know why this surprises me. Pretty much everything is a thing, you know? Homemade from scratch dog food is a thing. Harry Potter/The Walking Dead crossover fanfiction is a thing. On a recent camping trip with some hippy mommy frien

Cameron van der Burgh’s Top 5 Grooming Tips

By Men’s Health

The general man’s man and Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Cameron van der Burgh, knows what it takes to look and feel good. The Head & Shoulders ambassador is also known to lead a life uninhibited and filled with natural confidence.

“Whether I’m competing with the world watching,