26 Eco-Friendly Things to DIY For Your Dog

By Julie Finn

Our family has been a dog family for six months now, and it didn’t take me long to discover that it can be as hard to source eco-friendly toys and treats and accessories for your dog as it is for your kid–or for you!

Soon after that, of course, I discovered that it’s just as fun t

How to Make a Cork Board from Wine Corks

By Becky Striepe

Start popping bottles, y’all. Here’s how to make a cork boak board from wine corks! You only need three craft supplies to make it, and one of them is free!

Have you been saving your wine corks, waiting for the perfect project to come along? Me too! I have a big ol’ stash of wine

Tips for Storm Water Control

By Site Editor Effective management of storm water is crucial when it comes to preventing contaminants from polluting local rivers, lakes and streams. In addition, if you operate a business, it is highly likely that you are covered by a storm water discharge …

Read more here: My DIY Home Ti

Crafty Book Review: Honey Dog Treats from Beekeeper’s Lab

By Julie Finn

I never thought that we’d be people who made homemade dog treats.

We used to be cat people. I even tried making cat treats with my kid once, but as soon as we’d opened the canned salmon that the recipe called for, the smell of it knocked me on my butt and I left the house, retching.

Cameron van der Burgh’s Top 5 Grooming Tips

By Men’s Health

The general man’s man and Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Cameron van der Burgh, knows what it takes to look and feel good. The Head & Shoulders ambassador is also known to lead a life uninhibited and filled with natural confidence.

“Whether I’m competing with the world watching,