Keep Cold Air Inside with a Draft Blocker

By Becky Striepe

You might think of a draft blocker – aka a draft dodger – as something to keep cold air out during winter months, but you can also use it to keep cold air in all summer long. Here’s a quick and easy way to sew your own DIY draft blocker for drafty doors or windows.

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Tesla Electric Power

By Andrew Dunning

Solar energy – we all agree it’s a good thing, but generally the panels are so ugly. If you have a beautiful home and want to add solar panels the option has until recently been very limited. Too many beautiful homes have been ruined by the additional of ugly black rectangular

It’s time to start planning your 2017 interior

By Andrew Dunning

So you told yourself over Christmas that 2017 is the year you will finally get that new kitchen, redo the bathroom, rid yourself of the previous owners decor and finally make your house our own. But where to start? It can be very confusing deciding which room to redecorate, how t

How to Reuse Wine Bottles and Corks in the Garden

By Becky Striepe

Got a collection of empties that you haven’t recycled? Here’s how to reuse wine bottles and corks in your garden!

We love to entertain and hate to toss out anything that might prove useful later on. Of course, what that means is quite a little collection of empty wine bottles and

Cameron van der Burgh’s Top 5 Grooming Tips

By Men’s Health

The general man’s man and Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Cameron van der Burgh, knows what it takes to look and feel good. The Head & Shoulders ambassador is also known to lead a life uninhibited and filled with natural confidence.

“Whether I’m competing with the world watching,